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CEAL : A C-Based Language for Self-Adjusting Computation

Abstract: CEAL is a C-based language for self-adjusting computation. CEAL extends (a somewhat restricted subset of) C with a small set of primitives that allow programmers to write self-adjusting computations in a manner similar to conventional C programming. CEAL code can both call and be called by conventional C code.

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Wiki resources

We intend to provide complete manuals, how-tos and other user support in wiki form. Some useful places to start are listed below:

Current Version

Past Versions

CEAL has evolved heavily over the last few years. Past versions of the system, which have each differed considerably, are available for completeness. See these pages for download links:

Research papers


The designers and creators of CEAL are Umut Acar and Matthew Hammer. Matthew Hammer is the primary developer.

Where applicable, the CEAL source code should contain relevant author information on a file-by-file basis. As an overview, the following people have contributed code to the current system:

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